I’m Running With It

When you have a good idea people tend to use the phrase “run with it” in order to encourage you.  I’ve yet to tell anyone my fantastic idea, and therefore have not gained such encouragement.  However, I am indeed “running with it” regardless of nobody telling me to do so.

This grand idea is in the form of a novel.  I know it will either turn out to be a romance novel, or a young adult novel.  Shockingly these two seem to be getting closer and closer these days.

My plan is for this to be my first novel length project to actually be finished.  I’ve generally been a flash fiction/short story kind of lady.  Every time I start a big project like a novella or novel, I tend to just rush straight into it then quickly burn myself out after the three chapters.

Why does this happen?  

Honestly, it’s because I can be impulsive, and impatient.  I also generally like doing my work in big chunks at a time to get everything done.  With homework, I would work for hours with no breaks to finish it.  Doing a new craft?  I’d be at my desk concentrating on only that until I finished it.  Writing?  I’ll sit there and write in a big chunk of time, blocking out the rest of the world.

If you’re the kind of person who can get up and walk around, answer a text, grab some water, go to the bathroom, and make lunch in the middle of a project, well, I envy you.

I know if I don’t take the time to pause and break from my writing, I will completely burn myself out.  I think, for once, I believe in this idea so much, that I need to step back and really plan this out.  Sure there’ll be a lot of free writing and re-writing, but I think for someone who rushes into everything, taking the time to plan and organize is exactly what I need.

And for everyone else out there like me, maybe try setting specific long-term goals that you can achieve.  Looking at the Big Picture of your grand idea can really keep you focused on the short term(chapters) writing that you’ll be doing.

Good luck, and happy writing everyone!


About Aly Hughes
Unprofessional, unedited, unpublished. Aly is out to make a name for herself by blogging, twittering, facebooking, and general internet-ing. Be warned: She may not know what she's talking about.

3 Responses to I’m Running With It

  1. rmridley says:

    good luck – and ….’run with it!’
    i can say that I am the sort who can pause then go back – hell i can eat lunch check all my social pages and still go back to it
    I can here that raspberry your blowing at me.

  2. amhudlow says:

    I am completely envious of you. You just sit down a write nonstop, while I am that person who “gets up and walks around, answers a text, grabs some water, goes to the bathroom, and makes lunch in the middle of a project”. But because of all that I never get any writing done. I yearn to just hunker down and write.

    • Aly Hughes says:

      The only problem is that the slightest distraction throws me off, and then I completely lose steam on a project. Because I write in big chunks it’s usually only once a week I get a solid block of time to set aside. If only we could harness the best of both ways!

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