Paige in the Aftermath

For everyone just joining the adventures of Paige, be sure to check out two other shorts involving her.  Paige: An Introduction, and Paige and the Craigslist Ad.  These are short scenes written with the intention of being compiled into a novel…eventually.

I hope you enjoy!


Paige woke up to a sunlight filled room and birds chirping outside her window. She could feel warmth spreading from the spot in bed behind her. She stretched and rolled over, already smiling at Alex next to her. Alex wasn’t next to her. Paige’s half-asleep mind jolted awake.

The comforting warmth was from the sun, but that realization only chilled her. Alex was gone, and that thought frightened her. Yesterday they had broken up, and that memory killed her.

She slowly laid back down, her mind going numb. Frame by frame she remembered the events of yesterday. Each one added a weight to her already sinking heart. She closed her eyes and pulled the covers over her face. The bright morning sunshine was no longer welcome in her world.

However it was the birds incessant calls that finally motivated Paige to get up.  Their chipper sounds were unbearable to her gloomy mood.  She reluctantly crawled out of bed, lamenting her haven between the covers.  As Paige moved towards the door, she tripped over a pile of clothes.  She let out a frustrated growl.  Today was not going to be a good day.

She walked into the kitchen and turned the light on.  Her eyes were immediately drawn to the refrigerator.  Its usually empty door was now home to a piece of lined paper with writing on it.  Paige paused, not sure if she wanted to read what was on it.  Eventually her curiosity won over her fear.  She walked over and pulled the paper off the fridge.  Her hands shook as she read.


I didn’t want to wake you up. I hope you see this. We need to talk. I’ll be with Brady most of today but I’ll be back around 5. Please be here to talk.


She stared at the note for a minute before taping it back on the fridge. She knew she should feel nervous, anxious, sad, depressed.  But she didn’t. Instead she just felt numb.

Paige glanced at the clock on the microwave. 9:14am. There would be at least seven hours before she saw Alex again. She mindlessly opened the fridge door and gazed at the contents without really seeing them. Mechanically she took the milk out, then grabbed a box of cereal. Reaching into another cupboard she picked up a bowl. She opened the top drawer by the fridge and grabbed a spoon.

Paige was running on auto-pilot as she poured cereal into the bowl. It took her a minute of shaking the cereal box before she realized she had already poured its entire contents out. She frowned at the small pile of cereal in the half-filled bowl. “Really? Only half a bowl left?” Paige muttered in exasperation.  “Today is just awful.”  She sighed then grabbed the milk carton.

After ritually preparing the cereal she walked to the living room and set her bowl down by the couch.  Turning on the TV, Paige put on Pride and Prejudice. She settled onto the couch and grabbed her bowl of cereal.

“Nothing like forgetting about your love life while watching someone else’s,” she said to herself.  Paige observed herself and her surroundings, noting her sloppy state of dress and sad breakfast.  “Especially over a bowl of cereal,” she added sorrowfully.

As the movie started Paige took a bite of cereal.  Her face instantly soured, and she quickly spat the mouthful back in the bowl.   She sat there stupidly, staring at it.

The milk was bad.

A small tear gathered in the corner of her eye.  She couldn’t even enjoy her cereal.  The tear swelled.  It slowly started to fall down her cheek, followed by another.  There was nothing she could enjoy.

Before Paige knew what to do, all of her emotions spilled out into tears.  Everything she had been holding back fell like rain into her forgotten cereal.


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4 Responses to Paige in the Aftermath

  1. Nice story so far, it keeps you drawn in until the end. I would delete the word “However” from the forth paragraph. Also when I broke with someone I was in love with or very keen on, I found it a struggle to even eat breakfast the next day so I’m assuming this was not that big a thing? Well just an assumption, I must confess not to reading the other parts yet (although I will do) and this is only a part of the greater whole, here.

    Seems to be coming along well though.

    • Aly Hughes says:

      Thanks for the input!

      I didn’t want to go too overboard with her reaction because she’s still very hopeful that they’ll get back together, especially since they live together. It does look like that’s something I need to expand on though. I know when my first boyfriend broke up with me, I was incredibly sad, but because we still talked I had hope we would get back together. It wasn’t until I realized there was no chance, that I finally really broke down. That’s sort of where I plan on going with Paige, does that make sense?

      Thanks again for the comment. I have never taken a creative writing class, and sharing my writing is still a new thing for me. I definitely appreciate any comments and/or critiques on these. 🙂

  2. I just noticed I put forth instead of fourth, this spell check / correction thing keeps tripping me up on my mistypes, but anyway…

    True yes, it depends on what your intentions are with the character, for example she may feel bad but not want to admit it, or she may not realise it’s over so not feel that bad. But you could easily tweak it if you wanted to, for example she doesn’t want to eat breakfast but thinks it is ridiculous if not, so tries to struggle on, getting the half bowl, then the milk issue. Or not change it at all, it’s just a suggestion.

    I guess try to think of what Paige thinks on the surface, and what she knows maybe only unconsciously, underneath. That way she has what she is trying to do (work through breakfast) whilst not necessarily spotting what she actually is doing (missing the bad milk). You pretty much have this already as on another day the half bowl of cereal and the milk would be easily dealt with and an alternative chosen.

    I don’t want to sound too critical here, they are just a few ideas and you can take them agree, disagree, or dismiss them as you wish. Personally I like some feedback as it gives the chance to evaluate regardless of agreeing or not.

    • Aly Hughes says:

      I like the suggestion of her disliking the idea of breakfast but struggling on. It seems very appropriate.

      I’ve been utilizing Scrivener to put notes in the drafts of suggestions I come across. You’re absolutely right, feedback, whether you agree with it or not, can always be helpful. I’m always open to considering new ideas. And I don’t think you are being too critical. 🙂

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