Words Pour Like Rain

Ideas roll like thunder,
Miles deep
And full of wonder.

Inspiration strikes like lightning,
All at once
My vision’s blinding.

Words pour like rain,
Down my throat
And through my veins.

I love nature, whether it brings sunny days or raging storms.  This past weekend it has brought both to me.  On Sunday it reached 80°F (27°C).  This was rather startling considering two weeks ago it was still snowing/blizzarding. And then Sunday night there was a huge, raging thunder and lightning storm.  For at least a half hour it was averaging 10+ lightning strikes per minute.  The storm lasted several hours.

Yesterday, Monday, it was again 80°F, and again, last night brought a fantastic thunder and lightning show.  Today isn’t quite as hot, however tonight there is scheduled….you guessed it…Thunder and lightning!   And do you know what’s supposed to happen tomorrow night?  THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!

Have I mentioned how much I love this weather?

The downpour of rain always helps me feel creative.  Maybe that’s because I grew up in the rainy, drizzly, Pacific Northwest.  Or maybe it’s because my mothers name is Raeni.   Or maybe I’m just a little odd.

At any rate, the universe seems to have aligned to promote inspiration for me to write.  Who am I to argue?

What helps inspire you guys?  Is there a certain environment your writing thrives better in?

(For those of you who follow, and posted such kind words in regards to my fathers health: He’s doing much better, and is now out of the hospital and back home with my mom.  Thank you all, again, for the concern and well wishes.)


About Aly Hughes
Unprofessional, unedited, unpublished. Aly is out to make a name for herself by blogging, twittering, facebooking, and general internet-ing. Be warned: She may not know what she's talking about.

12 Responses to Words Pour Like Rain

  1. derekberry says:

    Rain is a damned good soundtrack for writing, indeed.

  2. robincoyle says:

    How did i miss your dad being ill? Best to him and to you.

    • Aly Hughes says:

      Thank you Robin! I wrote a post called “Nothing Motivates Me More Than Mortality” last week. Basically, a while back my dad had a stroke. A few weeks ago he began having bad chest pains, and spent four days in the hospital. So far all the tests came back negative, and now he’s home and ordered to rest.

  3. I love the rain for writing, as long as I’m near a window….but, today, not only is it pouring its windy too, so all I can hear are things flying arou d the garden which is very off putting lol


  4. Elliot says:

    I love a good thunderstorm, although they are a bit louder and scarier under the southern california type homes, than they were in the stone or brick ones in the UK.

    I find a cloudy sky or rain, can be inspiring.

    • Aly Hughes says:

      I bet! I’m on the bottom floor of a 3 story apartment complex, so I felt pretty safe. I think, for me, the it’s most inspiring writing during the rain or by the ocean. I especially like grey, cloudy days by the ocean. 🙂

  5. rtd14 says:

    What a lovely poem! It has rained here this week, too. It’s cloudy outside now as I type, but the birds are still chirping to let everyone know it’s time to get out of bed.

    • Aly Hughes says:

      Aw, thank you! At my parents house, our neighbor’s roosters often hop onto the fence between our yards and crow throughout the morning/day. Definitely a wake up call!

  6. I write best when the windows are up, the breeze is gently blowing, the cat is sleeping on my desk, and music is playing in the background.

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