What’s Up With Aly

So, here’s what has been up with me!

-I fell off the face of the Internet for 10 weeks instead of 2.  I apologize!

– My 40+ hours/week job is finally becoming routine and much less stressful.

– I went to a family reunion in Illinois, and came back with an outline to co-write a book with my dad, based on his life.

– At that same reunion, I found out one of my relatives wrote and published a book(I have a signed copy!).  It’s a book on quilting, with patterns she designed.  They’re based on the signs/symbols hobos would use to communicate with each other and leave messages on the road.  In fact, she goes into a lot of history, which is why I bought the book since I don’t quilt!  (If you’re at all interested, let me know and I’ll send a link to the book)

– I may (finally) be joining a writers group.

– And to add to that, I found a writing partner in my best friend’s girlfriend. 🙂

Overall, I’ve been thrice as busy as usual, but I’m finally getting this balancing act down.  I still won’t be posting as much as when I first started, but hopefully I’ll have a few posts each month.   I hope you guys have been doing well, and I definitely look forward to browsing all the blogs I’ve been missing!

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