It’s Difficult to Write With a Broken Finger

I didn’t mean to be gone for so long!  I feel like my past few posts have all been about my plans to continue blogging and writing, instead of actually blogging and writing.  The absence from blogging started off with working 50-60 hours a week(finally down to 30-40 hours), followed by my goals shifting to leading a healthier life(which has been successful, as I’ve lost 30 pounds already). And more recently, my lack of writing has been topped off with a broken index finger, which still has another week before I can free it of its cage and start retraining it on how to be a finger again!

So, enough of the talking about planning.  For now, I’m sticking to reading all my favorite blogs on here, and commenting here and there.  No promises for posts, but I’ve missed the WordPress writing community so much, that I just can’t stay away!

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