Never, Ever Give Up!

Hey everyone!  This will just be a short post with a very inspiring story/video for you guys.  A little update with me:  After a vigorous job search (and interviews) I’ve finally landed a full time job!  No more part-times for this little lady.  I’m giving myself a solid two weeks or so to get into the routine and find a balance for working, errands, and writing/blogging.  My posts will probably be a bit more sporadic for a while.

As for this video, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard a story so inspiring.  The message?  Never, ever give up!  No matter what you’re doing, be it writing, job searching, or getting into shape, just keep moving forward.  🙂

(Also, I may or may not be a Yogi who found this exceptionally heartwarming and inspirational.)

All the best to you guys!


Nothing Motivates Me To Write More Than Mortality

The past few days have not been particularly kind to me.  But it takes a big scare to remind you what’s really important.

Over the past three days I have:

  • had my lawn chairs stolen off of my patio
  • sold my books to afford to pay the bills
  • taped a garbage bag over a window that won’t roll up in my car
  • been rejected for a job I thought for sure I would get
  • had a relationship-changing fight with my boyfriend

Suffice it to say, I was equals parts angry and disheartened.  Then my mom texted me, saying that my dad is in the hospital…again.

And suddenly, none of that other stuff mattered.

The lawn chairs were mildewy and moldy anyways.  I was never going to re-read those books.  It’s supposed to be sunny the next few days, so no rain will get in my open window.  I have a different job interview next week.  And if anything, my boyfriend and I have grown closer since then.

But my dad suffered a stroke a while back.  And he’s been having bad chest pains, so my mom took him to the ER.

As bad as I thought everything was before, it is nothing compared to a mortality check.  I can sit and stress over things that, honestly, won’t have a huge affect on me.  Or, I can deal with them as best I can, then move on and use my energy more productively.

In this case, my writing has been kick-started with a singular thought:  What if my Dad (or another loved one) isn’t around to see my first novel finished?  

Motivation to write, indeed.

So when life gets difficult, and all the bad things pile up, just think of what’s really important.  It’s okay to take a day or two to recharge, to cry, to deal with everything, but don’t let it stop you completely.  And remember, you WILL make it through!  (And blog readers make great cheerleaders!)

All the best,

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